Speaking Engagements

June 12, 2015

BerkleeOnline (Berklee College of Music Performance Center)

"Future of Music Business Panel"

Participated on a panel with PLedgemusic.com CEO Benji Rogers, artist Erin McKeown, and Future of Music Coalition CEO, Casey Rae. We discussed music business concerns for Berklee's online music school students who were visiting the physical campus. I also discussed the Artist Revenue Streams Data Portal project for which I am leading the design.

Dec. 11, 2014

UX Boston Meetup

"The Many-Hat Product Designer"

Are you a specialist or a generalist? Are you a problem finder or a problem solver? How many hats does the future-proof product designer need to wear?

After 18 years of placing pixels and trying to enable great UXs at bite-sized startups and bulky enterprises, Brian will share some observations from his time as an independent designer working with diverse product teams and domains. How does one stand out as a true product designer? What are some common problems product teams have? What skills are some digital product designers missing?

Sept 1, 2014

No Dogma Podcast

Episode 8: Good Design In Software w/ Brian O'Neill

June 26, 2014

Django Boston Users Group

Akamai Technologies Inc.
4 Cambridge Center
Cambridge, MA (next to Meadhall)

Design Thinking:
Making Better UI & UX Decisions for Mobile & Desktop Apps Without a Designer