Clients and Companies

From large enterprises to new startups, I've helped many companies design great products including:

Tripadvisor Fidelity Accenture
Apptopia Infinio Dispatch Kyruus Dataxu
MeYouHealth Etrade Elysium Digital Future of Music Coalition
Apptopia Redesigned the analytics SAAS for this mobile analytics company. Launched 2015. $50,000+ in MRR within a few months of launch.
Future of Music Coalition Designed and developed a data portal to expose information collected in the FMC's Artist Revenue Streams survey. Allows the public to discover for the first time the actual income streams and methods by which professional musicians make money. Launched in 2015. A platform for the on-demand service economy. Acted as Creative Director and designer for the platform's mobile and desktop products.Launched the mobile technician app in 2014.
SmallsLive Consulted on the design of this new musician revenue-sharing platform started by Smalls Jazz Club in NYC. In conjunction with Appsembler.
Infinio Led the design of their first release of "Accelerator," a storage-offload (cache) product for data centers. The product and company won two awards.
Elysium Digital Full-stack UI and UX design for their patent analysis SAAS called Legion Patent. Allows legal teams to collaborate on patents, visualize claim structures, and formulate strategies for defense and infringement cases. Provided new design options for hotel search, especially around applying data visualizations to hotel search.
(formerly Akorri)
Designed award-winning storage performance management software for the virtualized datacenter, and helped evangelize UX within the business and engineering teams.
TravelDragon Co-Founder. Search and compare "trips of a lifetime" from the best adventure travel operators.
MeYouHealth Designed some of their first apps focused on increasing the general public's awareness of their health and well-being.
RA Capital Consulted on the design of this hedge fund's core research software.
Rails Reactor An incubator and engineering shop I partner with occasionally.
Involution Studios A wonderful healthcase design firm I work with occasionally on projects.
CaseNet Healthcare billing app
DataXu Advertising campaign management app
Accenture Human Resources backoffice software
Language International Shop and compare English schools online Peer to peer social language learning Social investing platform based on gamification
WeGo Health Empowering health activists
MITRE Systems engineering
French Cultural Center of Boston French culture promotion Boomer social media site
(formerly BrownCo, a division of JP Morgan Chase)
Redesigned a brokerage/trading system and provided design education to eTrade. Consumer retail products Finance websites and trading apps, primarily /
ZDNet/SmartPlanet online learning
Personal: Mr. Ho's Orchestrotica (my band) and (my music career site)