Product Design for Analytics Software

Does your dashboard, analytics product, or enterprise SAAS app need great UI/UX design?

Are you a product manager or entrepreneur tasked with delivering a great-looking user experience or MVP that will delight users and show positive business results?

My name is Brian O'Neill, and I am a veteran product designer and UX consultant with 22 years of experience designing useful, usable, and beautiful software. My design work has enabled great user experiences and financial results for many startups and established businesses. In particular, I specialize in designing dashboards and analytics products that distill large information sets into useful and actionable information for customers. Be sure to download my free Self-Assessment Guide to Designing Analytics-Driven Products if you're interested in this topic.

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From large enterprises to new startups, I've helped many companies design great products including:

Tripadvisor Fidelity Accenture
Apptopia Infinio Dispatch Kyruus Dataxu
MeYouHealth Etrade Elysium Digital Future of Music Coalition

Do you need to…

  • Make a complex app beautiful, more useful, and easier to use?
  • Increase your registrations, subscription revenue, or sales?
  • Get a great MVP out fast? (I call it a "minimum valuable product")
  • Refine your analytics into useful, actionable information?
  • Help prospects and customers understand your product's value?
  • Reduce engineering costs by getting the design right earlier?

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My Process and Services

  • Leading a Design Discovery. Using design-thinking techniques, we'll define clear business goals, user goals, and success criteria for the project so that the team is aligned, and success can be measured.
  • Customer Interviewing: we validate our "decisions" from the discovery phase
  • Low-Fidelity Design (sketching)
  • High-Fidelity Visual Design
  • Prototyping and Front-End Development
  • Conducting Usability Studies
  • Project Management
  • Product Management

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About Brian O'Neill

Product Designer and UX Consultant

I am a designer and business consultant wrapped into one. Design is not only about user experience, but also about achieving business success and ROIs of 10-100x. My 22-year career has included employment and consulting with a variety of notable clients in the mobile industry, the on-demand economy, performing arts, financial services, IT/storage/cloud/virtualization, healthcare, legal and other industries. Check out my bio and resume for more info.

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