Brian O'Neill:
Product Designer & User Experience Consultant

I am a seasoned, freelance, independent product designer and user experience consultant with 18 years of experience based in Boston and New York City. I design useful, usable, and beautiful user experiences for mobile and desktop applications and specialize in making complex consumer and enterprise software easy to use.

Current Projects

  • Speaking at the next UX Boston Meetup (Dec 11, 2014)
  • Designer, UI Developer (GitHub) for SmallsLIVE (NYC Jazz Club's Musician Revenue Sharing Project)
  • Vision design for Future of Music Coalition's Artist Revenue Stream survey data portal
  • Acting Creative Director for Dispatch (Book, track and manage with the world's most powerful on-demand services platform)

Recent Highlights

  • Consulting Product Designer for Kyruus - providing vision designs and UX guidance to enable patients to get quicker access to the right specialists
  • Sep 2014: Guest speaker the No Dogma Podcast
  • Jun 2014: Guest speaker @ Django Boston Meetup - Design Thinking for Non-Designers (video url TBA)
  • May 2014: The first edition of Legion, a patent-collaboration app for Elysium Digital, went live. I designed this product from sketch to pixel and provided much of the HTML/CSS/JS/Django templating.

My Design Methodology

As a "generalist" designer, my approach is holistic and includes problem definition and discovery, customer research, design strategy, interaction design, fast sketching, visual design and data visualization, prototyping, and front-end code. I also believe great design only exists when user and business problems are defined and solved in tandem. As such, part of my service to my clients (who are often entrepreneurs, engineers, and product managers) is teaching them how to empathize with their users so that human needs are always placed alongside business objectives.

My Background

Since 1996, I've designed, built, and shipped products for companies of all sizes including Fidelity, NetApp, Lycos, JP Morgan Chase, Accenture, MITRE, Tripadvisor, Elysium, Infinio, Eons, Akorri, DataXu,, and others. I am also a co-founder of the travel startup, a unique search engine to find and compare "trips of a lifetime" from the world's best adventure travel providers. (Full bio)

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