Does Your Dashboard, Analytics Product, or Complex Business Application Need UI or UX Help?

I am one of Boston's most seasoned product designers and user experience consultants with 20 years of experience creating useful, usable, and beautiful digital products that enable positive business outcomes. I help my clients create delightful user experiences and user interfaces for mobile and desktop applications and specialize in the design of dashboards, analytics products and enterprise software.

Recent Highlights

  • 2015: Designed and launched the Future of Music Coalition's Artist Revenue Streams Survey Data Portal. I oversaw the entire design process from persona development through UI/UX design, and also did the HTML/SASS/JS development (mobile+desktop). The service exposes real, quantitative data about the salaries and income streams of working musicians (the first large-scale study of its kind).
  • 2015: Redesigned and launched Apptopia in June!
  • 2014: Gave my "Many-Hat Product Designer" talk at the Dec. UX Boston Meetup
  • 2014: Launched the first home-service technician mobile app for This platform provides software for on-demand businesses. The MVP app was a whopper, requiring over 120 screens. My hats included UX architect/designer, creative director, and product manager.

My Focus and Process

I love designing dashboards, analytics products, and the most complex consumer and enterprise software applications. I have worked with notable clients in the mobile industry, the on-demand economy, performing arts, financial services, IT/storage/cloud/virtualization, healthcare, legal and other industries to help them reduce inefficiencies, increase revenues, show the value of their SAAS products, and visualize complex quantitative information. In addition to providing interface design services, I focus heavily on helping clients to define clear business goals, user goals, and success criteria for their project so that the value they receive can be measured.

My Services

I am a designer and business consultant wrapped into one. My philosophy is that design success only happens when both users and business stakeholders see successful outcomes. After 20 years in the UI/UX industry, I have developed a robust toolset that includes problem definition and discovery, customer research and field studies, design strategy, interaction design, fast sketching, visual design, data visualization, prototyping, and occasionally front-end code.

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